GlioSeq® - NGS Panel for Brain Tumors

GlioSeq - NGS Panel for Brain Tumors
GlioSeq® is a next generation sequencing test to assist in diagnosis, prognostication and treatment of adult and pediatric CNS tumors.

GlioSeq Advantage

  • Simultaneous sequencing and detection of genomic alterations
  • Small Sample Size
  • Fast Turnaround Time

Test Details

  • GlioSeq v3 is utilizing an amplification-based targeted next generation sequencing of DNA and mRNA
  • GlioSeq version 3 next generation sequencing analysis is performed to detect base substitutions (SNVs) and small insertions/deletions in targeted regions of 47 key brain tumors genes, for copy number changes in 43 genes, and structural alterations involving 103 genes including BRAF, NTRK1-3, FGFR3, YAP1, RELA, EGFR (EGFRvIII), and others
  • It can be performed on small stereotactic brain biopsies and resected FFPE tumor specimens
  • It has fast turnaround time (7-10 days)
  • GlioSeq aids in the diagnosis of both adult and pediatric CNS tumors, including glioma, medullosblastoma, meningioma, and ependymoma

Genes Assayed by GlioSeq


Examples of GlioSeq Reports

Specimen Requirements and Shipping Instructions