To apply for an open position in the Molecular & Genomic Pathology Laboratory, please forward your resume to please forward your resume to our contact address:

Medical/Specialty Technologist

Medical/Specialty Technologists will process routine clinical specimens for testing in MGP lab, including DNA/RNA extraction, PCR/RT-PCR/qPCR, Sanger Sequencing, and Next-Generation Sequencing. Previous experience in clinical molecular laboratory preferred.

Bioinformatics Engineer

The Bioinformatics Engineer will build new and extend existing production systems for the analysis of large scale clinical NGS data, provide technical support for NGS equipment, and support the software development life cycle. Preferred skills are Linux system administration and Python software development. MS degree or BS degree with equivalent experience.

Bioinformatics Scientist

The Bioinformatics Scientist is responsible for the processing and analysis of clinical NGS data. S/he will assist in the design and development of new clinical tests, build and maintain custom NGS data pipelines, and extend the capabilities of our web-based analysis interface. PhD degree or equivalent experience.