Dr. Aggarwal's research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of hematolymphoid malignancies.

Dr. Chiosea's research is focused on understanding the genetic mechanisms of head and neck cancer, particularly in salivary duct carcinoma and human papillomavirus-associated squamous cell carcinomas, and detection of copy number variation of cancer-associated genes by next generation sequencing techniques.

Dr. Dacic's research interests relate to translational research in molecular profiling of lung carcinoma and mesotheliomas and detection of biomarkers that have potential to be used clinically for diagnosis, prognostication and treatment of lung carcinoma and mesotheliomas.

Dr. DeFrances' research is focused on unraveling the contribution of the PI3K pathway to normal liver physiology and hepatocarcinogenesis.

Dr. Karunamurthy's research is focused in molecular oncology through the application of molecular & genomic tools in the diagnostic, prognostic and predictive purposes of solid tumors especially in melanomas and cutaneous lymphomas.

Dr. Locker's research is funded by the NCI and the NIDDK and focused on the gene control mechanisms that promote liver cancer and cirrhosis.

Dr. Lucas' research laboratory is funded by the NIH and studies the mechanistic links between inflammatory signal transduction (NF-κB activation in particular) and the development of both vascular and neoplastic diseases.

Dr. Nikiforov's research is funded by the NIH and focused on understanding the genetic mechanisms of thyroid cancers and carcinogenesis induced by ionizing radiation.

Dr. Nikiforova's research interests involve genetics of thyroid and brain tumors and developing novel diagnostic laboratory tools based on next-generation sequencing and other genome-wide screenings.

Dr. Oury's research is focused on the mechanisms in which the receptor for advanced glycation endproducts promotes recruitment and activation of innate immune cells in asthma and pulmonary fibrosis.

Dr. Singhi's research focus is primarily on translational in the area of gastrointestinal, pancreatic, hepatobiliary and peritoneal pathology.